Project Description

Wheaton Sheers Open

This comfortable Living Room was designed for daily use with tough durable fabrics that stand up to young grandchildren. The soft neutrals are very relaxing yet the yellow in the sofa fabric accents the room and keeps it from becoming cold. The best part is all of the furniture was existing and was recovered, replacing the foam and Dacron, so the client’s furniture is really brand new except the frame. The wing chairs were given an update with contrasting cording as was the open arm chair.

The window treatments on a decorative rod are a soft sheer that filters the intense morning sun. Hidden behind is a roller shade for additional intense sun protection. The sheers are made from ADO fabrics which are machine washable, hang up wet, low maintenance, and dimensionally stable fabric. Sheers hang on a rod is by Select Hardware and is heavy duty so there is no sag in the center even with daily use of opening and closing of the drapery.