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Robin Langguth


As a leader in decorative interiors, our goal is to give our clients a beautiful home that is both comfortable and efficient. At Langguth Design, our team takes the time to understand your vision and home interior needs. Whether your taste is Old World, Victorian or sleek and modern, we have the skill and versatility to create a space that is welcoming and functional. We like to tell a client’s story within their home and adapt to their style, keeping the fine details at the center of our technique.

We were founded with this artistic creative process in mind, turning every space into an interior work of art. With nearly three decades of decorative interior service, you can count on our team to transform your house into your dream home.


In order to best serve our clients, we ask lots of questions. It helps us discover what you love about your home, what you would like to change, and helps us pinpoint what your style truly is. We help select what’s right for our clients, their lifestyles and their homes. Everything has to properly fit the space and work efficiently to match your lifestyle. We achieve the highest quality of work while providing functional solutions that perfectly utilize the space.

Our decorative design philosophy centers around editing. Most clients have problems in several areas. They select too many different items for a room or select pieces that are out of scale for the space. We help our clients bring their vision to life by finding the right pieces for the style they desire. We pride ourselves on devising innovative solutions for tough interior problems. Owner Robin Langguth’s formal education in painting and textiles allows her to approach interiors with an artistic sense of problem solving. She has an ability to assess a space and come up with several scenarios to uniquely craft a solution. Her problem solving skills have resulted in some very interesting solutions for clients over the years yielding a far better design sometimes because of the problem.


“My desire is to bring your home to life. As an artist, my approach to interiors is unique with fresh ideas to make your home a special place. Having received formal art education allows me to bring a room together in its entirety, from the floor to ceiling. I am blessed with an extraordinary eye for color which helps me to make harmonious combinations easily. From specialty wall finishes to fine furniture, I can help guide your choices. Your home should function well for you. I am extremely practical about each design choice, avoiding fragile items where everyday wear and tear presents itself. Your home is meant for you to live comfortably in, not just be ready for a magazine shoot.”